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Welcome to gamerscorenetwork.com! With the increase in technological proficiency and the ease with which it can be obtained, computer gaming and online gaming are fast becoming the next big thing. However, it is a complex world for those who are new to it. With that in mind, we aim to offer newcomers to this world a helpful insight into what goes on, and also to help improve and educate those players who are already involved.


For new players we will provide articles outlining new games, strategies and other helpful hints and tips on how to improve gameplay and what equipment is best for you. This can range from the super up-market to the more affordable brands, in order to cater to all player types. And we won’t just focus on the computers. Chairs, arm rests and mouse pads are just as important to long-term gaming as this can affect a player’s physical health. It is extremely important to be comfortable at all times and reduce body strain as much as possible.


Much of the above is also pertinent for older gamers as well, who need to keep up-to-date with the latest equipment. For them we also provide information on the latest tournaments, top players, world rankings and much more. We also offer comprehensive reviews of new releases and compare them with older games in order to provide well-rounded insights for our readers.
With all this and more, gamescorenetwork.com is your go-to site for all things gaming and eSports related. Come and be a part of the team.