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Poker bonuses can be a great way of maximizing your bankroll and potentially winning some extra cash, but there are several different types of bonus which may be available to you. Some of these you may not even know about. Read on for a brief guide to different poker bonuses.

Sign-up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are the most popular bonuses on casino sites, and the easiest to obtain. Many poker sites will offer lucrative bonuses to try to persuade you to join theirs. The premise of sign-up bonuses is simple: deposit some money, and you will get a bonus as a percentage of the first deposit. The bonuses will be different depending on what casino site you’re on, and some sites may even offer a bonus without requiring a deposit first.

Matched Deposit and Reload Bonuses

Matched deposit bonuses are one of the easiest ways to get a bonus on casino sites. All you have to do is enter a certain amount, for example £50, and, if there is a matched deposit bonus, you will get a bonus of the same amount. How much the bonus is will vary between different sites, and rollover requirements may apply. Reload bonuses are similar to sign-up bonuses, but they will probably be less than the initial bonus. Nevertheless, it’s a good way of boosting your bankroll.

Referral Bonuses

If you’re a regular casino site player, then you should take advantage of referral bonuses. This is where you can earn bonuses if you get one or more friends to join the site. Some sites may offer bonuses repeatedly, but some may only offer one referral bonus. Therefore, it’s worth checking the small print for this. Some sites may require your friends also to play certain hands before you can get your referral bonus.