The UK’s Best Kept Secret

We would like to let you in on a secret. One of the UK’s niche industries is in full bloom. And the best part is that the forecast for more growth is clear and sunny. This is perhaps the best time to get in and get a big slice of the pie. The industry we are talking about is online gambling.

It should not come as a surprise that a market which is one hundred per cent digitized should experience anything but an upward trajectory. We can think of a few reasons why online gaming has accelerated forward:

  • The internet has, literally, brought the casino experience right up to the doorstep.The proliferation of smart devices allows players to log in to their preferred gambling website – anytime, anywhere.
  • The cost of setting up and promoting a virtual betting site is much more economical than its bricks and mortar cousin.
  • People are always looking for a release, and when slots and other card games are available at their fingertips, they will indulge.

The last point segues into our next statistic: The UK online gaming market is pegged – wait for it – at 4.5 billion. The market share is nearly 30%, compared to a mere 8% in 2012. Bottom Line: More and more players are getting online, which will only boost the market further.

Another reason why remote betting will blossom further is sports betting. Gone are the days when people queued to get their bets in. Now all it takes is a simple tap on a smartphone, and you could walk away with some serious cash. The passionate sports culture that exists in the UK is another blessing. Fans would certainly want to elevate their experience by placing a bet or two on their favourite teams. The future for online gambling has never looked better.